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Erotic 3D Hospital Visual Novel “General Practitioner” – Alpha Release

by OtakuApologist

Written by Flamecaster, edited by Otaku Apologist

Currently, in development by Bruni Multimedia, “General Practitioner” is an indie Medical Simulation Adult Visual Novel where you take the role of a doctor living his life. Manage his career and meet new patients, learn basic anatomy and medical stuff in a way similar to the Emergency Room series from Legacy Games back in the 90’s.

 The game combines a deep, engaging story about the Doctor’s life. Players choose what to do each day. Will you explore the city, will you examine patients (both scripted and randomly generated), will you take your time to romance some of the characters?

Written in collaboration with a real MD, the scientific information is accurate. A codex will cover almost any illness you will find in the game. Topics will be accessible in-game by hyperlinks.

While the game is in alpha state, the release of a Beta is expected for late 2019. The game is available for free on itch.io and our the company’s website www.brunimultimedia.com

You can help support the project on Patreon (www.patreon.com/generalpractitioner).

Introducing in Alpha Release 0.0.16 is the staff management feature, which will allow players to hire staff members.

From the new “Staff Management” interface you’ll be able to find new staff members.

This feature adds a new layer of management to the game and will be expanded in future updates as well.

Each personnel member will have different skills, the monthly wage will be clearly indicated as well as a flavor text describing who you’re hiring. The different colors will also indicate the different specialization of each personnel in a very similar way as Italian hospitals’ personnel are organized.

Each personnel will add perks to the clinic but could also mean trouble as well. Imagine a very loyal staff member who lacks experience, he will never leave the clinic if you miss a monthly payment but he could also do a very bad job meaning that some stats may decrease because of this.

A very expert doctor with low energy could miss some days at work because he overslept his shift and so on…

Available personnel branches are as follows (with the identifying colors):

  • Doctors (white)
  • Chief of Staff (blue)
  • Nurses (light blue)
  • Midwives (red)
  • Technicians (yellow)
  • Administrative personnel (green)

An intro video about Random exams is available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q2DGlmAJUgM

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