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Taimanin Asagi Battle Arena: First Impressions

by OtakuApologist

Written by Otaku Apologist

Taimanin Asagi Battle Arena is now available on Nutaku.net. Original Japanese release dates back to July 1st, 2014. English localization released September 27, 2018. The intellectual property is owned by Black Lilith, while the game is developed by the DMM Group.

First thing I noted while playing Taimanin Asagi Battle Arena was, of course, the awesome art. I’ve loved this company’s art for years. The women are drop-dead gorgeous. They wear skin-tight ninja outfits that expose their sculpted feminine figures to the extreme. From their confident mannerisms to their arrogant bitch faces, these girls are crafted to trigger male sexual desire.

It’s a special treat to tear down and corrupt beings of unparalleled beauty.

The stories that Black Lilith tells are usually the same thing over and over again, but with different characters and fetishes explored: Virtuous female heroines fight valiantly to defend society’s morals, but the villains are smarter. The bad guys capture the girls and force them to endure humiliating gang rapes that test the endurance of their spirits and their intimate body parts.

Sure enough, the first thing I did when starting this game was capture my favorite Taimanin, Sakura Igawa. It was hilariously easy. She even boasted about seeing through the villains’ plans right before she lost.

The storytelling is visual-novel style, with static sprites standing over backgrounds. Oh, and dialog boxes.

The first sex scene was voice-acted, and had mosaic censoring over the genitals. It was a humiliating masturbation scene where Sakura fingered her pussy publicly. The scene progressed into vaginal intercourse.

After my first giddy fan feelings, I started exploring the gameplay. To my disappointment, the game is doing the same goddamned thing as 90% of games developed by DMM Group.

You press “next” and enemies die. When they drop loot, click to claim the loot. Next!

I don’t even know what to say. Does anybody care what I have to say? This company keeps churning out these same brain-dead clickers with zero gameplay where you just collect waifus. Are players not tired of this?

The menus are laggier than I expected. It doesn’t feel like a modern game. Effects, and sprites move on the screen in a very jagged manner, like the animations are 15 frames per second. 30 frames per second is the standard for most modern films, television series, and games. When you go below that, nothing looks smooth.

The music is dark and edgy synthetic stuff. The songs are rather short and they start looping very quickly.

I also don’t like how small the letters are in the menus. It’s challenging to read things so small.

This being a first impressions post, I only played through about three missions. I’ll play the game more before my official review, but unless it gets better from here, I’m cutting my gametime short and busting out a negative review. I just want to play good hentai games and forget that the world burns around me.

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