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17000 Fans Sign Petition To Officialize Bowsette

by OtakuApologist

Written by Otaku Apologist

Bowsette is the new smash-hit meme from Japan that started trending hard on socialist media twitter last week. The storyline has developed since then. New developments include the increasing frequency of Boosette fanart, as everyone attempts to innovate on this meme to keep it alive. The second development is the fandom’s push to force Nintendo to include references of the Koopa Princess into their upcoming games, ie. the newest Super Smash Bros. Some fappers are going as far as demanding her to be added as a playable character.

Click here for 27 Bowsette pictures.

Click here for 24 more Bowsette pictures.

Click here for 19 more Bowsette pictures.

If you find the art arousing but have no clue what the meme is about, read my writeup about Bowsette and the weeaboo running a petition to make Nintendo adopt this fan-made toon into the Super Mario canon. As of time of writing, 17000 fappers have signed the petition started by Gabriel Rodriguez.

Click here to sign the petition at Change.org.

Meanwhile, artists around the world are flooding the world wide web with more sexy fanart of this character. Here’s another batch of faptastic pictures I scoured from various image sharing sites. The white-haired girl is Boosette, a variation of the meme that’s gathering a fanbase of her own. Enjoy.

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