Written by Otaku Apologist

Fella Hame Lips is a two-episode hentai anime OVA about living onaholes. This show takes the concept of renting a girl’s vagina from your local escort agency, and ramps up the autistic antisocial connotations. For ghetto fappers with an inflated sense of risk, the idea of buying a pure girl that’s never been around the block, is a fetching one. Why take the 0.1% realistic risk that the condom breaks when you can buy a virgin on mail-order?

Two episodes of the anime were released on October and December 2016. Made by studio Edge.

For everyone outside the loop, onaholes are Japanese male sextoys designed to mimic the functions of a vagina. Made of special patented anti-bacterial rubber, onaholes once plugged with dick create an incredible vacuum that sucks the cum out of your balls. You can freely cum inside and paint those soft sugar walls with your baby yogurt.