Written by Otaku Apologist

Male competition over quality women is harsh. Even after you marry your girlfriend, you can’t relax your game. On your moment of weakness, she’s one Twinder swipe away from a dickride. Online dating sites are bursting with cock.

Modern women are obsessed with sex, and online sex dating is letting women be extremely picky about their partners. If a girl finds a single flaw in you, she’ll take her chances with the Tinder lottery. They’re not going to settle for the average guy. If you only have a good job but suck at fucking, she’ll leave. If you’re only good in bed, she’s not going to stay.

If you recognize that a lifestyle of hookups is hollow and stupid, and you’re serious about starting a family, you can’t do that with just anybody. You have to apply some fucking quality filters. Read: Never Marry These Women: Top 10 Red Flags

Here are six strategies that modern men can adopt in their pursuit of happy long-term relationships.

1 – Marry a religious girl. The only thing stopping a girl from pursuing an endless supply of dickrides is brainwashing. Pick a girl who was indoctrinated from an early age into wanting a family. She has the values and the self-restraint to keep her legs shut.

2 – Invest heavily into yourself. You can make yourself a high-status male with access to lots of pussy. Build some muscle, study hard, work a good job, improve your intellect and social skills. The higher quality male you are, the easier time you’ll have at replacing fickle girlfriends. Eventually you’ll find a keeper, but be prepared for a stream of disappointments.

3 – Learn pickup arts. The art of seduction is effective, not just for getting a girlfriend, but for keeping her around. You want to understand female biology and psychology, to make sense of her behavior. She is always judging the benefits of staying in a relationship with you, versus starting a relationship with someone else. In today’s world, you must stay on top of your game, at all times.

4 – Learn BDSM. Certain types of sex produce significantly greater pleasure. It’s much more difficult to execute such sex acts, due to the complexities of female biology. But if you can master dirty talk, rope play, choking, exotic sex positions, threesomes, and perhaps even your way around the whip, sex with you becomes a unique product. You won’t be so easily replaced when the orgasms you supply are powerful. The more unique the experience, the less incentivized she will be to risk losing access to what you supply.

5 – Contain her sluttiness in a social contract. Many women are scared to commit to a monogamous relationship, because they fear sex with one man will get dull. If you can promise her the occasional threesome, if you can join a swinger’s club, if you can throw her a sex party on her birthdays, she’ll hopefully feel satisfied enough to stay with you. Just don’t take things too far – women have a bad tendency to run off with the best dick when they get to sample tons of dicks.

6 – Marry a conservative girl from overseas. Asian countries especially have plenty of extremely brainwashed ladies who abstain from early-life sexual intercourse. They miss out on the best sex parties of their lives, which means they never learn of the incredible pleasures of double penetration, casual sex, and gangbangs, and will happily raise your children in blissful ignorance.

7 – Become a man whore. You can always just give up on trying to build relationships with the modern materialistic, hedonistic sluts who care only about getting their holes filled. You can set up your own Tinder and sex dating site profiles, and become another dick in modern women’s run around the block. Either you fuck them, or someone else will.