Written by Rastafoo69, edited by OtakuApologist

Rei Ayanami Angel of Sex, a Neon Genesis Evangelion hentai game developed by Frey. Released on May 5, 2010. Free download here. For PC Windows. No voice acting. Censored genitals.

You are Rei Ayanami. After the latest battle where you died, your third clone has entered the world. You live a typical day in the life of Rei Ayanami, with all the cum and fucking the average schoolgirl likes to have. Her actions are completely up to you!

This title is fan-made visual novel released on HongFire. More information about the game can be found on VNDB.org.

Rei 3 has awoken with bigger and more sensitive breasts than her predecessor. Because of it, she is audacious with her sexual desires. She’s still shy and silent, but she can’t keep her panties on when cocks are around!

The visuals in this game are stolen art assets from all across the web. This means that the art style changes dramatically between scenes, which is common for fan games. There are also clips from the anime and they cannot be skipped.

There is no overall story, but the sexy scenes are written perfectly! Like the part where you “welcome his dick between your ruby lips”. The descriptions are so vivid, I loved every single line!

There are about six choices in this game, but some choices are meaningless. For example, it is completely impossible to ever meet Misato in-game. If you try to, you’ll be redirected towards the other choice.

You control Rei Ayanami, and you decide who she has sloppy hardcore sex with. If you love Evangelion and fan made content from the series, this game is sure to scratch your itch! Download Angel of Sex.