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Free Use Fetish Game: NPC Violation Have Your Way Within This Game

by Rastafoo69

Written by Rastafoo69, edited by OtakuApologist

NPC Violation Have Your Way Within This Game, a free use hentai game developed by circle MAZE. Released July 12, 2019. Download on DLsite for $10.00. For PC Windows. No voice acting. Censored genitals.

You’ve woken up in a medieval town! It turns out, you’ve been transported into an RPG world full of NPC characters! But you’re not interested in a quest, you’re interested in plowing hot, young, pixelated NPC pussy!

Before trying this game, please read our guide how to download DLsite games.

Your dream has come true! You’ve woken up in a fantasy RPG world, free to have sex with anyone you want! The king wants you to clear out the monsters in the northern cave, but fuck that! You’re here for the sex!

The game has about 10 erotic scenes. There are one or two unique CGs for every scene. Dialogue boxes and cross sectional images cannot be disabled, meaning that artwork can get obscure, which drags down the experience.

The game is very short and can be completed in less than an hour. The gameplay consists of running around town and fucking.

NPC sprites don’t match their CG art. The queen may have a blonde-haired sprite, but her artwork shows she is a brunette. Some artworks are very poorly made and rushed. In one scene, a girl has toes on only one foot!

Unlike other games of this genre, this one includes lots of groping and outercourse. It’s nice, but some women cannot be fucked, which is a disappointment. The NTR themes and multiple choice dialogue is nice, but I would have preferred more vaginal sex.

One of the girls in the game is not an NPC, and reacts to everything you do. The protagonist talks down to her and degrades her. When you boink her, she doesn’t enjoy it. This scene was so hardcore, it didn’t fit in with the other scenes.

Almost all the characters are video game NPCs. They don’t care if you grope their breasts and talk down to them! They only want a hero! If you love the “bored and ignored” fetish, this game is fun.

If you’re looking for an h-game with easy access scenes, this title is the bomb. Download NPC Violation Have Your Way Within This Game. If you want a superior game of this genre, check out I Was Reincarnated Into A Game Where I Can Violate NPCs.

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