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Monster Sex RPG Review: Jumble Jokers

by Rastafoo69

Written by Rastafoo69, edited by Otaku Apologist

Jumble Jokers, a hentai RPG developed by circle Trauma Trading. Released November 24, 2016. Download on DLSite for $12.00. For PC Windows. No voice acting. Censored genitals. Download the English fan translation patch.

Monsters have attacked the garrison outside the royal capital! Explore the forest, discover the secret history of humanity, and work to stop the monster menace! If you don’t, they’ll impregnate human women with monster seed!

Before trying this game, please read our guide how to download DLsite games.


The world was at peace until monster attacks started happening more and more. You have you no choice but to investigate! Let’s hope you don’t get impregnated with monster babies along the way!

Explore the forest and learn why the monster attacks are rising in frequency. There is only one ending to this game. Things like your character remaining a virgin and other factors do not change the ending.

Environmentalism and human folly are core themes to the story. Long ago, humanity polluted the earth to near extinction, and froze themselves in ice to let the forest recover. A nature-loving scientist decided to mess with the laws of nature to protect the forest in the future. Naturally, her experiments went horribly wrong!

The writing is engaging, but often very predictable. It’s a classic story of nature fighting back because humanity keeps cutting down trees. In the end, you promise to never hurt the forest again. The ending was abrupt and didn’t leave me very satisfied.

The game is called “Jumble Jokers”, for no reason other than the random jokes that occur all throughout the story. For example, human society collapsed in the year 404, like the computer error 404. This game is 100% “Dad jokes” and I loved every minute of it!


Claire is the purple-haired tomboy! She’s saving money for a “Pickle Station” gaming console by working as a mercenary. In her fourth wall breaks, she talks about taking pride in being the tank character, and encourages you to level grind.

Lucie the blonde princess of the group. She fulfills a leadership role while being tactful with her words. Her main concern is exploring the ancient ruins under the forest. When it comes to being serious and focused, she is number one!

Estelle is the green-haired, nature-loving healer of the group. She is actually an inventor from 100,000 years in the past, hoping to return back to her timeline. She never does, which leads to her apprentice searching for her.

Amelia is the pink-haired apprentice of the great mage Zeremia. A soft-hearted airhead, she only joins your crew to exonerate her master of accused crimes against the empire. Because she arrives halfway through the story, she has fewer scenes than others.

Zeremia is the blue-robed grand mage of the empire. Spoiler alert! He is the apprentice of Estelle, and came from the past to search for her. He sets off the story by trespassing in the forest, leading it to hate humans.

Annette is the scientist who experimented on the forest. Long dead, her actions are still felt by the players in the present timeline. Because she was an environmentalist, she let nature run amok, killing thousands.


Jumble Jokers was created with RPG Maker XP. This lightweight engine leads to a totally lag-free experience. You move with the arrow keys and press spacebar to interact with objects and people. Press CTRL to skip dialogue.

The game is primarily a grindy dungeon crawler RPG. From forests to ancient ruins, you beat monsters, find treasures, and unlock new areas. You are scripted to flee from a battle early on in-game. Things like this happen multiple times so the developer can force you back into town for story events. It doesn’t flow well and tends to interupt your adventures.

Monster sex is core to the gameplay. During a battle, a monster can stun you. If you are stunned, they can impregnate you. Repeated sexual encounters with monsters will cause side-effects like increased sensitivity. This means you climax easier. When you climax, you cannot fight back in battle, and the vaginal fluids make the monsters more horny.

Simply put, this game gets more difficult as the monsters corrupt your character. Though you start out as a party of virgins, you’ll likely be violated once or twice during the adventure. Remember that virginity effects nothing, so you have no reason to keep it.

Because monsters are so horny, you should get your other party members as soon as possible! If one character is having sex, the others will still be able to fight! Similarly, you should explore the wild and find new equipment as soon as possible!

Late game abilities are awesome! Estelle can “Sacrifice” herself so all monsters target HER for hentai encounters, leaving your other teammates alone. I did this to keep the princess a pure blonde virgin, while turning my healer Estelle into a total slut!

On average, this game will take five hours to complete. The recollection room and free-roam gameplay are available after the ending. It’s a fun experience, but there is a lot of untapped potential in this game.


The art is in classic Japanese anime style. The art seems inspired by early 2000’s hentai games.

Each character looks completely unique while still remaining stylistically consistent. From the robes of a healer to the breastplate of a warrior, every character was given unique clothing to match their class and personality.

Sex scenes all get unique artworks, while groping scenes have an overlay presentation. There are three types of sexual harassment to see: Groping of breasts, vaginas, and ass! Depending on the harassment, you’ll get a picture of that body part followed by a transparent image of the monster. This allows for three types of groping scenes, customized for each monster and each player character. That’s almost 100 different groping scenes!

There are 48 base CGs, 20 standing pictures, and 12 cut-in images. This isn’t including character reaction images and other miscellaneous art. Add in variation artworks for each scene, and there are many hundreds of visual assets to be found.

The RPG Maker XP allows for numerous sprites to move on screen without lag. This game will literally have upwards of 20 sprites moving around at once, and the game will still run smoothly! And with hand-made character sprites and animation, this game is a gem!


Jumble Jokers has no voice acting.

The sound effects are varied and well timed. Sex scenes usually lack sound effects, but combat is wonderful. Each weapon type and spell has a unique sound effect to convey the action. You’ll hear a pound, a slash, the puff puff between breasts, and a kiss when breasts are suckled! The sound design was well done, but not perfectly executed. The use of stock assets stops me from rating the audio higher.


There are 13 songs in this game, all of them obscure stock assets from the RPG Maker library.

All tracks are digitally synthesized. The music is forgettable but very loud. Even during sex scenes, the music takes precedence over sound effects. The scene where holy water is sprayed in the player’s vagina has no sound! Not even a tiny drop of water gets a sound, instead we have a loud and abrasive village theme that doesn’t match at all.


There are 48 unique scenes, each with their own artwork! In particular, there are 12 basic scenarios, and you choose which girl will participate. Every girl can have sex with tentacles and have a unique artwork, because tentacle sex is one of the 12 basic scenarios.

The 12 scenarios are made up of 8 monster sex scenes and four miscellaneous scenes. There is never human-on-human sex, only monsters on women. Every girl begins the game as a virgin, so you get to decide when and how they will lose their virginity. My favorite scene was being deflowered by a pack of monster wolves!

Sex stats are recorded in the pause menu. Climaxes, sensitivity, virginity, and even impregnation are all recorded in your stats. Getting creampied without cleansing yourself with holy water will lead to a monster egg being laid in the womb. There are no consequences for this, except rising numbers.

My favorite aspect of this game is how repeated sex and groping lead to corruption and high sensitivity! It’s hot to watch tentacles grope Claire’s breasts, knowing its her weak spot. Human women cumming from monster sex is super erotic!


Jumble Jokers is one of the best monster sex RPGs I have ever played. It has impregnation, virgins, corruption into a cum receptacle for monsters, and more. Exploring dungeons and listening to funny jokes was also super fun. If you want classic RPG gameplay with exciting monster sex, this is the quality game you need to play!

I recommend this game to fans of monster sex hentai everywhere. Download Jumble Jokers. If you love monster sex and want even more, then check out our review for Dungeon of Lulu Farea.

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