Written by Jin0uga, edited by Otaku Apologist

Shamsiel Shaharl is the Duchess of Molgrey in Funbag Fantasy 2. She is an esteemed figure in the kingdom with enough power to sass the king and get away with it. Powerful women are always smoking hot.

My initial impression of Shamsiel wasn’t much. I assumed she was just another bimbo for Ruin to add into his harem. To my delight, I was wrong. Her character shines in the route where Ruin takes up the position as the Prefect of Molgrey. Her thoroughness and lack of bias when testing Ruin impressed the cynical side of me. Despite showing a deep interest in him, she doesn’t provide him assistance. I assumed she’d give Ruin some help due to her interest in him, but Shaharl isn’t a gal who thinks with just her pussy. She’s a layered character, her playful personality belies her intelligence and firm belief in her realist ideals. She is also the first person to truly believe in Ruin’s potential. Her self-confidence makes her pretty damn attractive.  

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I didn’t score any hentai scenes with Shaharl on my first playthrough. It was on my second run that Ruin proved his worth and got lucky. After successfully accomplishing his task, Ruin is summoned to Succubshire castle. When he meets Shaharl, she doesn’t beat around the bush. They don’t speak for more than a minute before she pounces on him like a dick-hungry tigress.

The foreplay between the couple consists of an absurd number of tittyfucks. She whips out his cock and doesn’t wait before squeezing them between her voluptuous melons. You’re treated to scene after scene of merciless teasing. Shaharl’s velvety skin and drool-worthy breasts imprison his dick. Ruin nearly cums on the spot.

He tries to resist, but it proves futile. Shaharl makes him orgasm in a matter of seconds and gets drenched in his hot load. The writing is lewd and sound effects are plentiful. You hear sexy noises of skin rubbing on skin while Shaharl moans adorably in the background. You even get to see a short animated clip of their tittyfucking.

After a night of incredible fun, Ruin passes out. He wakes up, only to get dragged into more sexytime with the succubus. Only this time, Ruin gets the opportunity to nipple-fuck the bitch with his fat cock.

He enjoys himself thoroughly. He doesn’t neglect Shaharl and manages to make her cum. Ruin’s virality impresses Shaharl so much she asks him to become her pet. Once you reach this point, the game grants you a choice. You can continue the route and try to get lucky with other characters, or become Shaharl’s husband. Obviously, this is highly dependent on your tastes. If you enjoy the character, her route is very satisfying to the end.

Ruin completes another important feat and gains the succubus’ approval to become her husband. She brings him into a secret room in her castle and gives him his heart’s desire – to make use of her boobs as he sees fit.

He does that, and more, and earns his girl. Ruin rises from the lousiest graduate of the royal abbey into a man of stature. He fucks Shaharl and lives to tell the tale. Her route ends on a happy note.

If you passed over Shaharl’s route during your playthrough, I highly recommend going back to it. It’s heavily focused on titjobs, but the emotional highs far exceed what I experienced in Zebia’s route. Ruin might not become the king, but who cares about the throne when you’ve got an awesome succubus wife?