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Monster Sex Game Review: Summonmancer Falcia

by Rastafoo69

Written by Rastafoo69, edited by Otaku Apologist

Summonmancer Falcia, a hentai RPG developed by circle yaminabedaiichikantai. Released September 21, 2018. Download on DLSite for 12.00. For PC Windows. No voice acting. Censored genitals.

After her home village and everyone she knew was destroyed by the empire, Falcia resolved to seek revenge against the imperial regime. With the power of monsters under her control, all the world will know her rage against the machine. Fuck the system and get fucked in the pussy in this epic Japanese anime porn RPG!

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The writing in this game is genuinely fantastic, but not the focus of the experience. It’s a shame because every time Falcia spoke I was always impressed. If this was a visual novel, it would be a best-seller.

When her village is massacred and the survivors come find her, they beg her to stop her quest. They say “Don’t risk your life for the dead”, suggesting she should move on. She responds: “I’m not doing it for them. I’m doing it for me. My body and soul were broken by the empire. My grudge against them will be made crystal clear.” This exchange was an example of the fucking fantastic writing. One piece of dialog established Falcia as a highly individualistic person, focused on her goals. Anger is a big part of her, and she’s hellbent on making the world know her pain – her terrorist logic justifying her actions is a riveting read. Falcia wants her enemies to know that they brought this on themselves.

You proceed to level-grind with a party of monsters and take down a bunch of human outposts before attacking the capital city and succeeding in your quest for vengeance.

The straight-up storyline was incredibly disappointing. Falcia was such a cool character, but the writer never used her for anything beyond simple revenge.

The lack of NPCs and neutral towns makes this a lonely adventure filled with repetitive battles. The unique aspect of Falcia’s magic is revealed in its name. “The Forbidden Art of Enwombing Monsters”. Due to a body modification spell she cast shortly before the invasion, Falcia is capable of giving birth to monsters of every species. Once born, these monsters become her loyal followers, willing to die for her. In a way it seems to soften her harsh disposition, as they are both tools and allies. Sadly, this plot point never goes anywhere.


The game was created in RPG Maker MV. There is no backlog, text skip, or hiding text boxes. This makes sense since outside of the start and ending of the game, dialogue is extremely minimal.

This game is hentai Pokémon. There are 10 monsters you can capture by fucking them. They all start at level 1 and need to be leveled independently of one another. Levels are not automatic. Rather, you’re given experience points and decide for yourself who you want to prioritize. I gave all my EXP to my orc, but you might give it all to your wolf. Or maybe, save up EXP for the new capture and make that your primary.

In spite of its similarities, this game is nowhere near as fun as Pokémon. There are no towns, minigames, side quests, or anything else. All it has are repetitive battles.

The biggest problem with this game is how tedious it is to capture new monsters. You have to order your team to play defense while you wait to be sexually assaulted, then must wait 3-5 turns while you get fucked, impregnated, and let the baby grow. At the end of that, you unlock a new monster. If something interrupts those 3-5 turns like your enemy dying, the capture is cancelled. Mandatory waiting is bad game design.

Speaking of which, I understand the developer is still relatively new to RPG Maker MV, but some of these flaws are downright embarrassing. For example, a game bug where you cannot cross a bridge correctly. While the game can still be beaten, it pulls you out of the moment when you realize how amateurish the game really is. It’s hard to enjoy the experience when it feels like even the developer didn’t care enough to play-test his own game.


The art is drawn in the anime style, with a unique emphasis on facial expressions and conveying emotion. Falcia blushes and sweats, her mouth changes shape to indicate hesitance, pleasure, and pain. Besides her sexy thick thighs, she’s relatively petite with tiny feet and slim arms, making her vulnerable to being manhandled during sex scenes. Altogether, the artist did a fantastic job.

The world map is color-coded to indicate progress. Red flags are enemy bases. Green flags are monster capture zones. Blue flags are areas pacified and under the control of Falcia. As you progress through the game and gain more blue flags, the map reflects your growth as a hero.

Each of the 10 monsters has their own H-scene and battle sprite. Rather than random encounters, this game works on the icon-encounter system. So you can see an orc sprite and know you’ll be facing an orc. The varied visuals are a joy to behold.

The only obvious flaw with the game is the use of stock RPG Maker assets for the world and its dungeons. Even Falcia’s sprite is simply a reskin of a stock asset. This is especially obvious because the sprite has a shoulderless dress while Falcia wears a thick robe covering her shoulders in the CGs. If you’re going to reskin a stock asset, at least make the art match!


Summonmancer Falcia has no voice acting.

All audio is stock assets from the RPG Maker library. Each of the ten creatures has their own moves and thus, their own sound effects. While there is overlap, it’s nice to see that the wolf doesn’t sound like the fish.


There are 21 tracks total. Many of the tracks are credited to Koichi Morita, “The Demon King Soul”. These songs are fantastic! Sometimes they’re upbeat with gass guitar and fast drums to convey a battle and coming triumph. Other times the music is more melancholic, as if to emphasize the futility of your long-running fight against the empire. If only this music was matched with great dialogue and characters, it would be a truly unforgettable pairing.


There are 15 scenes in total. Ten are focused on sex with the creatures you’re recruiting. The rest are miscellaneous, like losing in battle and being fucked by the nearby soldiers. All scenes are unlocked once you beat the game, so feel free to find them at your own pace.

The dialogue in this game is incredibly erotic! Like when the werewolf monster “mercilessly ejaculates into Falcia”. This kind of vivid language is used often. Even if she can’t communicate with the monsters, the internal monologues and narration are downright orgasmic.

Since Falcia is actively trying to get sperm from these monsters, the game offers a wide variety of scenes with her submitting to their desires. Sometimes she rides dick in the cowgirl position, other times she spreads her legs and waits for them to pounce. It’s not like she enjoys sex with monsters, baka! She’s doing it for the sake of fighting the empire!


Summonmancer Falcia is one of the best games released by this developer. The music is great, the writing is memorable, and the visuals for Falcia’s expressions make her a super lovable angsty waifu. If only the gameplay was more varied, this game would be just perfect.

Download Summonmancer Falcia. If you liked this game but want a more in-depth Pokémon parody, check out Pocket Gal Hunter.

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