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Foxynite, a free hentai action RPG developed by Foxgames Corporation and Gamebau Corporation. Published by Gamebau in August 9th, 2018. Available for download on Nutaku’s digital store. Partial Chinese voice acting. Uncensored genitals.

The prettiest 3D adult game I’ve had the pleasure of playing, Foxynite is a hands-free action RPG. Don’t be triggered you PC master race memesters; this game is most egalitarian, fully sensitive to the special needs of diversity-loving button mashers. I’ve been playing this game for roughly a week and reached level 21. If you missed my previous writeup about this game, go check out my first impressions post for more Foxynite screenshots.


In the grimdark future, humanity has colonized the galaxy. Utilizing a new energy source called Ether, our grandchildren built transcendent technology for civilian purposes and war. But, instead of uniting into a monolithic federation, humanity divided into factions that hate each other’s guts. When people learn of a planet that holds vast pockets of Ether, everybody rushes to steal it. Whoever can monopolize the planet’s Ether will dominate the galaxy.

The planet is called “Karma”, a blatant reference to hindu religion. Poetically, after a full month of senseless war on Karma, a new enemy rises to bitch slap humanity: The dead return to life, fused with killer robots. These “hell machines” start attacking every living being randomly, soon making it impossible for any faction to seize the planet’s Ether deposits.

There’s a big mystery around what power is bringing the dead back to life, and I was excited what direction the story would go. But, after playing through the campaign, I felt disappointed with the answer. The story is a colossal wasted opportunity.

The story is just context for the action. You run through same-looking levels farming for loot. The only times there’s dialog is at the start and end of certain levels. Your chosen character chit chats with other characters with a communication system that projects a hologram in the air. There’s a lack of story-specific events where something dramatic would actually happen.

The English translation has some glitches. There’s moments in the dialog where three dots (…) are replaced with lines (—). The inconsistency makes the dialog look tacky. The game also forgets the meaning of capital letters frequently.


The game features real-time A.I. assisted combat. You can let the game play itself on the easier levels. When you want to control your character, you can move her by using the arrow keys, or WSAD. Spacebar is relegated to dodge. Number keys 1, 2, 3, and 4 correspond with your cooldown spells. “Limit break” is Ö (my keyboard is for scandinavians). You can also click the very large icons to attack.

The basic game cycle is to choose game mode, kill everything, beat the boss and snatch the loot. After the bloody massacre, you can either play more, or manage your town actions. The game has the option “consecutive battles”. Toggled on, the game will loop several playthroughs of the same level. I personally love this design because it frees my hands.

You can bring two NPC companions to help you on missions. You can use boss drones you’ve acquired from beating campaign levels. Premium drones are also available in the in-game shop. You can upgrade your drones to deal more damage and to provide passive bonuses to your character, like extra damage and health.

The gameplay suffers from extreme repetition. There’s virtually no variation between levels. There also seems to be only one musical track for the campaign. The game tries to break the monotony with the “Super Nova Stage”. You have to farm every level of an act for a “Super Nova Pass”. When you have the pass from every level of the act, you can enter the FPS-style “Super Nova” bonus stage, which is in the style of Matrix: Revolutions.

The difficulty curve in campaign mode is very strange. You can decimate levels without taking a scratch. But then comes that level where enemies seem to deal ten times the damage. It feels like an extreme spike and mathematically impossible to beat without weeks of grinding, but after just a few upgrades, you rock godmode again. The game periodically spikes the difficulty this way, but the wall breaks down quickly.

The developer has clearly balanced the game on a razor-thin margin. When your attack damage is high enough, you destroy enemies before they can finish their attack animations. Because the enemies come in packs, even a few points of extra health allow the melee enemies to hit your face, while the ranged enemies rain bullets on your tits. If the enemies live even half a second longer than normal, you’ll take damage.

This design ties into the game’s business model. A small percentage of impatient players will buy in-game goods to boost themselves through these temporary obstacles.

Foxynite has additional game modes in addition to the campaign, like the Eternal Monolith, boss raids, and player-versus-player. I’ll write about those later in a separate post.


Foxynite features gorgeous 3D graphics with smoothly animated character models and detailed backgrounds. The girls are sexy while the enemies are badasses with archetypal designs. You’re fighting robot demons, banshees, zombies, giant bugs. There’s tons of details to feast your eyes on. If you’re a fan of the aesthetic of Warhammer 40000, you’ll feel right at home.

I was pleasently surprised by how effortlessly the game ran on my laptop. I experienced no lagginess, glitchiness, or crashes. The occasional screen freeze was annoying, but thankfully rare. People with cheaper rigs may experience more issues.

The game maps have highlights like pipes and vases, some of which can be destroyed. All the menus are animated, and very pretty to gaze at. Also, you can sexually harass your character!


The soundtrack is small but hype. The battle music, which you’re listening to 90% of the time, is a powerful all-instrumental orchestral song. You feel like you’re fighting back a wave of evil with only your courage as your weapon. It’s very well composed, and doesn’t get obscured by the chaotic sound effects. There’s also a mild, short loop that passes for a song in character selection, but the actual game menus that you spend time in, lack music.

When booting the game, you get a semi-militaristic track with non-verbal singing. It’s borderline religious. Due to its simplicity, there’s very little I can say about it. The beat remains constant for the entirety of the song. Other songs in the game are generally short, like the victory jingle you hear after beating a level.


Foxynite has partial voice acting. The girls sound like fuckable babes, while the lone male character oozes an alpha male vibe. I only played Nea during my testing period, so I can’t talk about the voice acting of the other characters. The voices are sexy, and you’ll find your hand wandering into your pants while playing. The same level of acting extends to the adult scenes. My personal favorite was the scene with two bunny girl lesbians playing when you “summon” items.

The characters have a very limited supply of lines. When they’re executing their combos, they rummage through their stock lines. The bullshit they utter is short and sweet, but can get grating if you’re playing an hour or more.

The sound effects include the full range of beautifully visceral sounds: When the robots get struck, beamed, decapitated, when their limbs are cut from their sockets, you hear the metal scream. It’s a full-course meal of metallic mayhem.


The game has short unlockable 3D sex scenes. Visually, they’re quite high quality, but the shortness of the scenes will leave you wanting. The scenes are less than a minute in length. Other adult content in the game includes the costumes, which are more fantastical than realistic. The character I played is a barely legal teen babe named Nea who runs around destroying killer robots on the hellscape of Karma wearing nothing but panties. I upgraded her wardrobe with the Ether I had accumulated during my play; she now wears criminally sexy lingerie with a bottom part that digs into her peachy butt cheeks.

The in-game shop offers costumes like bunny girl, bikini, lingerie, school swimsuit, and more.


Foxynite is a competent free to play adult game, but it feels skinny around the bones. My hope is that the developers will treat it as a base to expand upon. Additional musical tracks and improved level design with environmental hazards and puzzles would greatly break the monotony. The repetition becomes an issue when you start replaying the campaign on normal difficulty. Before that, you’re unlocking new game features, and drones on a steady pace. Asian players are known to enjoy grindy games, but western players generally want varied, engaging experiences.

I recommend Foxynite for broke-ass male gamers with a fetish for 3D ass. Download Foxynite now.

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