Written by Otaku Apologist

Avatar: The Last Airbender is one of the best western animated shows, ever. I was a huge fan of Avatar when I was younger, I binge-watched it on DVD when DVDs were still a thing. Toph is your feisty flat-chest dream, while Katara plays the older sister tropes. Azula is just an alpha bitch. In this game, you can sex up all of these girls.

The Four Elements Trainer is a new porn game I’m playing. It’s a Patreon production by Mity Games.¬†You can download the PC version here. If you’re on Mac, click for the Mac compatible version here.

The game starts out from a scene of some male wanker playing a videogame while the radio talks about spirits going insane. Also, the Avatar is apparently dead. Also, the world is collapsing to an imminent time paradox. When was Republic City established again?

This game doesn’t give a shit about anything. It doesn’t care about timelines or storytelling. It’s very redpilled too, mentioning that men are kind of necessary to keep a household afloat. The men of the village are all hunting for food, leaving the women vulnerable to sexual predators like this new wanker of an avatar. While the guys are busy in the resource game, the women of the village are running the school, the shop, and the brothel. By brothel, I mean Katara’s iglu. This bitch is wet.

The gameplay has a very simple cycle. I only played the “first book”, so things could be very different later on in the game. You hunt for food, or mine for resources. You sell your goods in a shop which also sells gear.

There’s several girls from the show in this game, and plenty of new original characters. You can have sex with Katara, Toph, Azula, and more girls. The game is developed with Renpy, which is a very basic program that lets people who can’t code develop games. The first sex scene I played had very basic animation.

If you enjoy dirty language, there’s plenty of that here. The artwork is very accurate as well, right down to the font. There’s bondage themes, alternate sexy dresses for the girls, and more. It’s a very similar to Princess Trainer, or Witch Trainer. Check out both of those writeups if you enjoy this kind of porn premise.

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