Written by Otaku Apologist

At the time of writing, Fap CEO is ranking as Nutaku’s most popular browser game. Despite the extremely simple game concept, it’s one of the most joyful time-wasters on the platform. It’s also an immersive erotic experience, because of the sexting simulation. The girls will send you emails, flirting aggressively with CEO-sama. The incredible CG artwork is only part of the eroticism; the build-up to the imagery is equally boner-inducing.

If you’ve never sexted with a girl drooling over your dick pics, you’ve missed out. But don’t worry, this game provides an incredibly realistic sexting experience with extra talent points in the fantasy tree. The girls act their age, including the incredibly young but bold schoolgirls. The milf characters go all-out boasting about their experience, while the teens are lustfully curious about the taste of CEO-sama’s big dick. I have busted several nuts playing this game, and warm-heartedly recommend it. If you missed it, read my review of Fap CEO.

Fap CEO is the kind of game that more serious gamers scoff at. The gameplay is just clicking some damn anime girls – that’s it? Arrogance is a core trait of traumatized shit-tier human trash obsessed with raising themselves in the social hierarchy to compensate for their lifetime of humiliation. That’s why you are never busting the sweetest nuts of your life.

When a pink icon appears before a girl, she’s in a “private show”. Click her repeatedly to gain accelerated resources. If you place your talent points correctly, you can soon harvest the resources from all the girls simultaneously. Use the wheel of fortune every 24 hours for free boosts.

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