Written by Jin0uga, edited by OtakuApologist

Foto Flash, semi-erotic RPG developed and published by Studio Gamaii. Released on February 1st, 2018. Download on Nutaku for $3.00. For PC Windows. No voice acting. Partially censored genitals.

In this game, you take photos of bodacious babes and aspire to become a world-class pinup photographer!


Foto Flash is set in Sala City, a beautiful coastal area with plentiful beaches and hot girls. You are a photographer working for a pinup magazine. The magazine is funnily named Noodle Teaze (read: cock tease). The selling point of this magazine is the featured gallery of hot babes, but the upcoming issue only has boring articles. The magazine owner wants you to photograph beautiful fap worthy women around town to save the magazine’s sales.

Foto Flash has no main story. There is only one objective: Get ten pictures of pretty girls. However, it’s not going to be easy. Each girl has a certain set of requirements to complete before she’ll pose for a photo.

For example, one girl wants her helmet back from an angry monkey. Another wants proof of the government covering up alien activity. Get the girls what they want and they’ll let you photograph their bouncy tits and curvy asses.

The residents of this town are weird. Talking to them leads to some great dialogue moments. I encountered a man in a black suit, guarding an entrance. Interacting with him, I learned how he ‘slides’ across the space to block you from entering. It’s very meta, if you get it. The jokes in this game hit the spot for me.

Foto Flash does what it says on the tin: You meet and photograph cute girls. Don’t come into this expecting multidimensional characters or an intriguing plot of twists and turns.


Foto Flash combines beautiful pixel art with Japanese anime styled characters. It’s a perfect melody between the two visual styles. The game looks stunning with its detailed sprites, vibrant backgrounds, and funky character art. The art is consistent throughout the experience. I felt immersed in the playful atmosphere of Sala City.

Each girl you come across is unique and eye-catching. Most of them sport wild hair colours like bright purple, blue and pink. Their outfits match their occupation or hobby. A baseball fanatic is dressed in a lovely baseball jacket and a cap. A bikini clad surfer sports tan lines, and a scientist is dolled up in stockings, with a white overcoat over her ruffled blouse.

Some girls will strip down into lingerie while others go topless for your photos.

The game uses a strong colour palette. Everything is brightly coloured. The world feels energetic, with a splash of retro appeal. Despite the heavy usage of such colours, it never crossed the line into gaudy. Shadows are not apparent in backgrounds. Bodies are graced in shadows.


The game does not have voice acting.

There is a nice variety of sound effects. Picking up items, moving through the menu, and interacting with NPCs each prompts their own unique sound effect. Since Sala City is a coastal area with beaches, there is also a looping audio clip of ebbing waves and cries of seagulls. It’s as relaxing as it sounds.

The audio is unique, to my knowledge. The clips are unobtrusive and blend well with the setting. You won’t pay attention to the sounds much since the music steals the majority of your attention.


The game has a funky soundtrack. After leaving the magazine headquarters, I was treated to an orgasmic track featuring electric guitars, drums, and a sweet bassline. You rarely hear bass being used in video game music, especially the raunchy games we write about.

The main song that plays during gameplay sections is addictive. I enjoyed it more than I expected, and didn’t get exhausted of it despite hearing it many times. The track is titled Song A, if you want to check it out. All the songs are synthesized, dabbled with a mix of acoustic instruments.

The first track will loop endlessly unless you collect more songs in-game. Go to the record shop, Daner’s Disks, to buy four more tracks. You can then switch songs through the in-game menu. You can collect a total of five tracks, A to E.


You control your character with the arrow keys. Press ‘Z’ to interact with an NPC, select an option, or forward the text. Pressing ‘X’ works as a rewind button, and also lets you exit any menu interface. The ‘ENTER’ key brings up the menu.

Interacting with the residents of Sala City will give you small hints. These hints will be helpful to obtain certain items. Certain fetch quests can be quite simple. You walk around to find the item the girl asks for, then bring it back to her. Once you collect the item, bring up the in-game menu and click on the item she wants.

Other quests require you to connect the dots. For example, one girl asks you for three ingredients to make her salad. Kale, carrot and a banana. The banana can be bought from a clown on the other side of the map, the carrot from a rabbit in a maze. However, you have to exchange a burger for the kale, from an overweight man on the beach.

Exploring the map and talking to every NPC you come across will make your life easier. As a person who sucks at puzzles, I found the quests annoying, but not hard. One thing that is sorely lacking is an in-game map. Without a map, you’re left to run around blindly. If you forget the placement of certain shops and characters, you’re fucked! Thankfully, Sala City isn’t huge, but a map would have been a useful addition for people with no sense of direction.


The game has no hentai content. However, many characters have amazing bodies. Certain girls also flash their boobs for your picture. You get an eyeful of supple, bouncy breasts with delicious pink nipples. The game’s pixel art is also gorgeous.


Foto Flash delivers what it sets out to do. It’s a fun little game with great visuals, a funky soundtrack and lovely art. It’s a simple indie RPG romp that will stay with you. Pick up this sexy pixel art game on Nutaku.

  • Graphics - 80%
  • Gameplay - 60%
  • Story - 60%
  • Music - 80%
  • SFX - 60%
  • Hentai - 20%