Written by Rastafoo69, edited by Otaku Apologist

Creature Hunter, a hentai RPG developed by ARUMERO SOFT. Released July 23, 2014. Download on DLsite for $12.00. For PC Windows. No voice acting. Censored genitals.

Rerika is a rookie hunter stationed at Oruga Fort. After graduating from the Legion Hunting Academy, she goes to help the fight against monsters! Complete missions and defeat the monster threat, or all of humanity will be impregnated!

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There is no overall story. The tomboy Rerika roams from one area to another, defeating monsters and completing guild missions. The game ends when the monster epidemic is halted and there are no more contracts.

Long ago, all the animals began to mutate and become monsters. While humanity was once the top species of the planet, we’re now at the bottom of the food chain. It’s the job of the creature hunter guild to kill these rapidly breeding creatures!

You learn bits and pieces of lore through NPCs and character biographies. Speaking to characters multiple times will give varied dialogue. The story hints at the existence of multiple forts and creature hunter academies. Although we never see them, you get the vibe that humanity has united and organized itself to fight the monster threat.

There are five hunter rookies to play as, led by the fort captain Daria. None of these girls have complex personalities, and they rarely have dialogue together. Each of the rookies has unique weapons and abilities.

Every mission in the game amounts to hunting down monsters. Sometimes you thin the herd, other times you defeat the leading breeder. Completing missions does not affect dialogue. You get called a “rookie”, even after you’re defeating dragons with ease.


Creature Hunter was created with the RPG Maker engine. Move with the arrow keys. Press Alt-Enter to change screen resolution. Press Q to flee battle. Press Shift to run. Press W to skip dialogue.

The game is primarily a grindy dungeon-crawler. From forests to mountains, you defeat local monsters which drop crafting ingredients used for better equipment. Your goal is to unlock new monsters and sex scenes.

There are so many game mechanics, it will likely be intimidating for new players. There’s an item hotbar, a customizable party system, a crafting system, specialized equipment, and so much more. Just start with the first level, it’s a tutorial that explains the basics. After that, the player home has bookshelves full of tutorial documents if you need them.

The base is central to the entire experience. It has a weapon shop, item shop, and the player home. Achievements, tutorials, and sex stats can only be viewed from the base. There are also general statistics like the distance you’ve traveled in-game.

You cannot save game in dungeons, and can only change the game difficulty at your base. This means that the player actually has to commit to their mission. Buying the right items and preparing correctly is important for success.

This game has over 20 hours of content spread out across 22 missions. You will face almost 50 different types of monsters. From clothing damage to the monster encyclopedia, there are many features you’ll learn about as you play. This game is complex and polished.


The art is classic Japanese anime style. The game has thousands of art assets.

From the moment you start the game, you feel the polish. The title screen is beautifully designed with professional visuals and music. There are about 65 scenes in total, but only a handful of them are fullscreen CGs. Most scenes are a combination of art assets like a character’s face alongside a cut-in image of their pussy being fucked. This gets repetitive over time, but it’s the best way to give all 50 monsters their own unique scenes.

There are tons of outfits and poses to see. Character sprites change depending on their clothing choices. With five female party members, there’s a lot of interesting designs to ogle at. This developer truly put his heart and soul into their product, and it shows.


Creature Hunter has no voice acting.

Sound effects are mostly ripped from the RPG Maker Library. The sound design is incredible. Nothing sounds repetitive until after the ten hour mark. But that’s not a problem of sound design! There are only so many ways to express a crossbow being fired before players get bored of it.


There are 38 songs in total, half of which are stock assets from the RPG Maker library. The other half are unique to this developer, recycled from previous titles.

All tracks are digitally synthesized like “Market Square Loop”, which has digitized horns and drums. The stock assets are lame, but when the unique music comes out, it always sounds fantastic! Some of these songs are going into my personal music player, because they’re so damn good! The use of real instruments would have made them better though!


There are 65 scenes in total, made up of thousands of art assets. There are over 30 lewd status effects. These include being drugged or placed into a futa-state. Each status effect has a matching artwork.

Every sex action has a matching piece of artwork. You see The sex, the creampie, the impregnation, the pregnancy, and even the birth! All of this can happen in a single battle, and then the monster egg will hatch, becoming a new enemy for you to fight! No other game has done this before! I absolutely adore the detail!

Featured fetishes include ghoul sex, tentacle sex, impregnation, lactation, and so much more! My favorite scenes are when you’re turned into a futanari and fucked by horny women! The game tracks how much your futa dick has ejaculated. I loved to fill my enemies with cum! If that sounds bad to you, remember that you can disable all futa-content the moment you start your save file.

This is not a corruption game. Your characters will always resist monster sex, even when they secretly enjoy it. The monster hunter girls don’t want to be impregnated with monster eggs and give birth to even more foes!

With over 50 unique creatures, it’s clear that the focus was on quantity over quality. I would have preferred more NPCs in game, to comment on how you’ve gotten pregnant. Still, with so many scenes to be found, the game remains a satisfying erotic experience!


Creature Hunter is a grindy monster sex game with over 20 hours of content. From bugs to dragons, every monster imaginable gets a shot at your pussy! The gameplay is incredibly complex, but approachable for beginners. With thousands of art assets, the visuals never get old. Monster impregnation and birthing make this game a total classic on the hentai market.

I recommend this game to fans of monster sex hentai. Download Creature Hunter.

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