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Beat Em Up Game Review: Unbreaker

by Rastafoo69

Written by Rastafoo69, edited by Otaku Apologist

Unbreaker, a hentai game developed by Ankoku Marimokan. Released June 24, 2016. Download on Erogames.com for $17.00. For Windows PC. Partial Japanese voice acting. Censored genitals. Available in English and Japanese.

The heroine Unbreaker must attack the base of her arch-enemy who has kidnapped tons of women! Fight hard and keep your defense up, or your clothes will fall off and your heroic pussy will get destroyed by big cocks!


The story is setup via an animated intro-comic, with no further dialogue or plot developments. Simply defeat the generic bad guy to complete the game.


Unbreaker is a 2D side-scroller beat-em-up game. Press Z to jump. Press X to punch. Press V to dash. Press C and a directional key to do a special attack in that direction. Special attacks require energy, which is regained by beating up enemies.

There are 7 levels in total. You will die many times before completing the game. There is no “save game” function. In order to unlock level select and the scene gallery, you must complete the game in one sitting.

Depending on your skill level, the game can be completed in under four hours. While this might seem somewhat manageable, game-breaking bugs and unfair dungeon design make this nearly impossible. For example, your character might randomly die or get turned into ice because you triggered a trap, forcing you to restart the level.

One notorious bug soft-locks the game when your character gets stuck on a crane. So not only will you constantly die and be unable to save, but there’s also a high likelihood the game will force you to restart from level 1. Other horrible negatives include the inability to see enemies approaching you from outside the screen, and the hyper-speed lasers that activate whenever you dash.

The baseline mechanics of the game are nice, but are ruined by these flaws. As much as I love punching and kicking bitches, I love saving my game progress even more.


The unique art style of this developer is based on anime, with en emphasis on 3D shading. Most of the game you’re watching side-scrolling character sprites, and that includes the sex scenes! If you get knocked down in battle, your enemies can run up and stick their dicks in you! These animated sex scenes mid-level were an absolute joy to discover! Whenever I saw a new enemy, I got a bulge in my pants!

This game sets great expectations from the moment you begin. The title screen is flashy and exciting, matching of the fully animated visuals. The only static images appear in the comic that explains the plot at the start.

The user interface is completely unique. The health and energy bars are in the top left corner, which allows you to focus on the action that takes place at the bottom right corner. These are some of the best visuals I’ve seen in a beat-em-up.

There are 20 base CGs, 10 animated scenes, and over 50 unique pixel animations


Unbreaker features partial voice acting by Ryo Suzuki. In particular, it’s almost entirely moaning and grunting. This was a great addition to the experience, though I don’t see why the developer paid someone to do it, when there are plenty of generic moaning tracks available. There are sound effects for punching and kicking, with the occasional laser beams and cell phone chimes. Each sound compliments the visuals well. Using my super move to knock down a bunch of enemies makes such a loud raucous, I always felt satisfied.


The soundtrack is full of unique tracks that rely on bass guitar, computer synthesized beats, and more instruments. Percussions are simulated digitally to provide a sick beat to each track.

Sadly, there is no music room and the game files don’t allow for easy access to the tracks. You won’t be able to jam out on your own. With such fantastic techno tracks I would have really enjoyed a music room. You are only able to enjoy the music if you load the right stage.


The game has over 50 pixel animations, 20 base CGs, and 10 animations. The full gallery is only unlocked when you complete the game. Having sex in-game usually means health damage and a game-over, so you’re discouraged from seeking out sex scenes. This means you’ll likely be deprived of sex until the game is over. The developer should have spaced these out and made them more user accessible.

Erotic dialogue is nonexistent. Sex positions are always male dominant, so don’t expect cowgirl or an amazonian position. The animations are hot but they can’t be ended at your leisure. You’re forced to sit through them even after you’re bored.

This game features scenes with used condoms all over a girl’s body, tentacles filling up her pussy, a bondage costume for public humiliation! These are only some of the scenarios Unbreaker will find herself in. Although the CGs can be found anywhere, the pixel animations and animated sex scenes can only be played in-game.


Unbreaker is a beat-em-up fighter game with tons of great features! Fully animated visuals, fantastic music, and cool sound effects make this an arcade classic. The game only needs a feature to save your progress to be awesome.

Download Unbreaker. If you love this art style and want more from this developer, check out Metal Edge Blazer Girl!

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