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Free Friends 2 (jap. Furifure 2), a hentai visual novel developed by Noesis. Released December 22, 2011. Download on MangaGamer for $25.00. For Windows PC, Mac OS, and Linux. Full Japanese voice acting. Uncensored genitals.

It’s been years since you’ve seen your stepsister. Life was sad and lonely until one day you joined the hookup app, Free Friends. You hook up with a girl and accidentally have sex with your stepsister! Will you tell her the truth or keep banging her?

This visual novel was adapted into a hentai anime a while back. Read our review of it here.


Kaito and Sumire are long lost totally unrelated stepsiblings who haven’t seen each other since childhood. Sumire is the protagonist’s little stepsister, so she doesn’t immediately recognize you. You control Kaito and can decide if you want to reveal the truth or forever hold your peace while pumping her pussy.

There’s about four hours of content split between two main routes. If you don’t tell Sumire about your familial relationship, you end up making her a sex slave or pornstar. If you do tell her about it, she becomes your girlfriend. The love route is basically a romantic kinetic novel.

The lack of choice in this game is disappointing. Even if you choose the good route, you still fuck Sumire even knowing it’s taboo. I get that it’s a hentai game, but I wish I could have made that choice myself. Another problem was how idyllic the love route tried to be. Sumire just accepts you and sucks you off.

Another problem with this game, that was also an issue in the first Free Friends, is how the protagonist is so hard to root for. He’s always spacing out and never saying his true feelings. Meanwhile Sumire is depression-fuel as she sells her virginity for $500 and nearly gets murdered by some psychotic ugly bastard in the late-game. This game felt more stressful than fun and the writing was bad.


Free Friends 2 is a visual novel game with numerous features standard to the genre. Click the screen to advance the story. Auto-mode and the backlog are available at the bottom of the screen. As a short 2011 title, this game lacks quicksaves.

There are only two or three choices throughout the entire game. Having played both I can confirm this one has less content overall than its predecessor.


Sumire Shinozaki usually wears her school uniform, with her long black hair left to flow down her back. She has big beautiful eyes that perfectly capture her emotions, whether she’s feeling apprehensive or confident.

The art in this game is a mixed bag. Like, she has the most realistically drawn pussy I’ve ever seen. And yet in another scene, the developer pasted in an ice-cream PNG image which severely clashes with the anime style.

There are 30 CGs in total. The developer is generous with the artworks, giving multiple in a single scene. Like when she lays in a sexy shirt, then sits up to give you a handjob. The realistic movements and behaviors here make the game far more believable overall.

The most interesting design choice was to limit the third person perspective to the love route. In the evil route, the entire game is told in first-person without ever looking in a mirror. You feel almost disconnected to the things happening in front of you, and more willing to see Sumire as an object.

In contrast, the love route often swaps to Sumire’s perspective and how she sees you. Placing them side by side, it’s clear that Sumire and Kaito resemble each other. Not only does this POV perspective give you more information about the character you’re playing as, but it also reminds you that Sumire is a person with her own thoughts and feelings. These are easier to disregard in the evil route, because you never see things from her perspective. Showing the protagonist and his face gives the entire experience a lot more weight and meaning.


Free Friends 2 features full voice acting for Sumire Shinozaki. Her voice acting is cute and lovable, she feels more like a young girl than a grown woman. The delivery of her lines is fantastic. The actress had a great script to work with. Like when she said, “Your dick feels alive inside me”, she sounded so horny I almost jizzed in my pants! The only negative aspect of the voice acting is translation related. For example, at one point Sumire mumbles something in Japanese. The english subtitles don’t indicate what she said, so western players will be missing out on a cute moment.

The sound effects in this game emphasize realism and atmosphere. Like when your cell phone rings, it’s startling and yet recognizable, just like in real life. This is perfect for moments with deep conversations. The rustling of boxes or creak of a wooden door sound natural as they draw the characters out of the conversation and into focusing on something new. I enjoyed the sound design.


There are 12 songs in total. The track “A Non-Sweet Trap” is the main menu theme and an absolute work of art. I’ve listened to it on loop for hours. Pure piano, but with an emphasis on rhythm and varied pitches to create an almost magical sense of nostalgia for a time that never came. This game is worth trying just for the music alone.

All 12 tracks are unique and lovable in their own right. “A Boy’s Life (Night Ver.)” is practically iconic to this game. It’s got a soft techno vibe to match an electric piano with phone dial tones at random times to match this late-night city vibe. It feels like walking the lonely streets of Tokyo in the dead of night, just as the character does. Without a doubt, the music in this game is better than 99% of game soundtracks out today.


There are 15 scenes in total, conveyed via 30 unique CG images. Unlike its predecessor, this game makes heavy use of outercourse like handjobs and masturbation.

Sumire is never upfront with her feelings. It’s probably because her mother died at the start of the game. As a consequence, she seems to hold back her feelings and desires. Even during sex, she’s more concerned with your enjoyment than her own. Don’t expect an ahegao experience! Sumire is a giver, not a taker.

The heavy emphasis on realism is a positive for me, but may be off-putting to some. Sumire’s ass matches her legs and thighs, it’s perfectly squeezable without being too big. Her breasts are a normal size as well, perfectly matching her frame. And when she gives blowjobs she can only get part of your cock in, since she has no experience giving head before meeting you.

In actuality, this is a super vanilla adult game with only the appearance of featuring wild fetishes.


Free Friends 2 is an absolute classic in the hentai gaming community. It has its own anime, multiple routes, and an interesting premise to set it apart from the rest. The visuals are gorgeous and the music is some of the best I’ve ever heard in a porn title. This is the kind of game everyone has heard about or played before, because it’s that damn good! While the porn is hot, play this for the romance, not the fucking.

Download Free Friends 2. If you like this game but want a darker storyline, check out our review of Free Friends 1.

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