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Cuckolding Game Review: Stories of Submission eNTeR the Cuck

by Rastafoo69

Written by Rastafoo69, edited by Otaku Apologist

Stories of Submission eNTeR the Cuck, a hentai visual novel developed by Zee Vital. Released May 4, 2021. Download on Steam for $10.00. For PC Windows. No voice acting. Uncensored genitals.

After a full year living with Mistress Freyja, she sits down to tell you a story. Of a man she knew, who got cucked by his girlfriend! But what happened to that man, and how the story ended, is entirely up to you.


This game takes place after the first Stories of Submission, but can be played as a stand-alone experience. The primary focus is on Alex and Stacy, not Protag-kun and Mistress Freyja.

Freyja tells the story of what happened between Alex and Stacy. The moral of the story depends entirely on which of the three endings you receive. The events of the story take place over the course of several months in the time before you met Freyja.

As a solo BDSM teacher, Freyja teaches Stacy all about domination. Stacy hoped this would allow her to instruct her boyfriend on how to dominate her, but it failed! Instead, Stacy is placed in the role of dominatrix!

Dominating her boyfriend is nice, but Stacy wants more! That’s when she calls a guy with a big black cock! Stacy will be a hotwife and a dominatrix! The question is, will her husband consent?

There are three endings in total depending on when the husband decides to stand up for himself. While the writing at the start and end is enjoyable, the middle portion is a bit mixed. It honestly felt like Stacy got corrupted pretty fast, and the interracial trope was just way predictable.


ENTeR the Cuck is a visual novel created in the Renpy engine. Click the screen to advance. Press CTRL to skip text. Bookmark your progress by saving it on several available slots. The game has three basic choices. Most of the story is very linear. It’s roughly 1-2 hours long.


The art is drawn in a westernized version of the anime style. While the pointed faces and simplified shading resemble the eastern style, the toned stomachs and detailed facial hair showcase the western influences.

Due to the reliable Renpy engine, the game runs smooth as silk, even when taking screen-grabs or changing the resolution. I experienced no game crashes, but I was using Windows 10. The steam page indicates this game was not designed for Apple devices or older systems.

Two parts of the narrative lacked any sort of visual variety. First, whenever Stacy meets Freyja at the cafe. There’s a static background and a single character still, meant to carry and convey all of their encounters there. Second, when Alex the cuck is finally confronted with the cuckoldry. From searching her phone, to confronting her, and the dialogue afterwards, it all takes place in a single empty room.

Interestingly, an entire hotel area and minor character named Jimmy is fully illustrated in the latter half of the game. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s slated to return in a later title or originally had a larger role here.

Compared to the previous game, the artist uses a wider variety of positions and perspectives. The best example is the blowjob scene between Stacy and the black guy. It’s shown via a POV perspective zoomed in on her glorious round ass. The artist clearly has a lot of skill and talent.


ENTeR the cuck has no voice acting.

The sound effects in this game are a mixed bag. While the moaning sound effect was wonderfully erotic and almost made me cum, the blowjob sound was similar to a clogged drainage pipe. The game has its ups and downs.


There are a handful of tracks in total. Bass guitar is heavily emphasized with a somewhat cryptic style of music unique to western media. That’s mainly in the title screen though, the music isn’t very memorable beyond that, primarily due to the focus on growing tension and more exciting visuals over time, culminating in Stacy becoming basically enslaved to BBC.


ENTeR the cuck has two full sex scenes, with a wide variety of smaller sexual moments. For example, receiving an erotic text message or Alex getting his ass spanked. Freyja does not have any scenes in this game.

The erotic parts of the story are told from Alex’s perspective, so players do not get to see when Stacy first cheats on him. Scenes feature Stacy already fully corrupted, so the emphasis is on the voyeurism.

The chastity and interracial fetishes can be hit or miss. I personally find chastity disgusting, but the interracial was okay. At least until the gangbang image, where their dicks look like brown water bottles and hilariously swollen. But the color contrast is nice I suppose.

Freyja mentions knowing the black guy that fucked Stacy, but we’re never given any context. Freyja also says she fucks no-one except for Protag-kun, but we never see it. I would have loved either a flashback or present day scene featuring our redheaded goddess. She’s much more sexy than this new girl!


ENTeR the cuck is a great little cuckolding game with a heavy emphasis on the interracial appeal. There are three choices to match the three endings, but the lack of Freyja scenes felt like a missed opportunity. Stacy is hot, but a pretty basic bitch compared to the femdom goddess Stories of Submission was founded upon.

Download eNTeR the cuck. If you liked this game, but want a femdom focus, check out our review of Stories of Submission.

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