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Monster Sex RPG Review: Rain’s Rave

by Rastafoo69

Written by Rastafoo69, edited by Otaku Apologist

Rain’s Rave, a hentai RPG developed by circle mikotoshi-dou. Released July 24, 2015. Download on DLSite for $13.00. For PC Windows. No voice acting. Censored genitals. Download the English fan translation patch.

Rain is the best female bouncer in town! The bouncer guild exterminates monsters and maintains the peace in a world of horny monsters everywhere. Fight hard! Otherwise, Rain will end up impregnated by random monsters!

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There is no overall story. The beautiful Rain roams one dungeon after another, defeating tons of monsters. The game ends when the monster epidemic is over and your adventurer guild has no more contracts.

The monsters tend to murder men, so most of the game is populated by females. From Firu the little sister, to the guild chief named “Professor”, none of these characters are ever given a time to shine and stand out.

Almost every single NPC gives gameplay tips about status effects and weaknesses. This ruins any sense of immersion, but it is necessary in context, because the game can get complicated.

Close to the end of the game, the player will face an unbeatable boss that impregnates Rain with a child. Rain raises this child as her mother, which is unusual, because Rain is constantly selling monster eggs to merchants.

From dialogue to lore, the writing in this game is overwhelmingly boring. It’s obvious that the developer put most of his effort into gameplay, which is a shame. Rain is a very likable character who deserved more development.


Rain’s Rave was created with the RPG Maker engine. Move with the arrow keys. Press Shift to skip dialogue. You can customize movement speed and other options in the pause menu. The game is primarily a grindy dungeon-crawler RPG. From forests to ancient ruins, you beat monsters, find treasures, and unlock new areas. There are so many game mechanics, this title can be intimidating for new players. There’s Four difficulties, numerous weapons with unique properties, tons of outfits to mix and match, and much more!

Once you learn how to play, you’ll see the potential this game had if only it was better paced. Weapon types include slashing, piercing, and impact. Each weapon has unique techniques which need to be bought from the guild basement. Outside of weapons, armor needs to be crafted through synthesis from materials dropped by monsters.

Sex stats are tracked in the pause menu. Players can suffer from physical status effects or H-conditions. Physical effects include burning and paralysis while H-conditions include “exposure” and “parasites”. As Rain becomes more corrupted, she becomes more resistant to H-attacks and gains access to new and even more lewd outfits.

At the start of the game, you can access a tutorial room with tons of information. I highly recommend you spend at least 20 minutes in there learning all you can. The learning curve in this game is incredibly steep.


The art is classic Japanese anime style. The game has thousands of art assets.

Rain used to be a modest and petite member of the bouncer guild. All of this changed when she was defiled by a giant tentacle monster! Now her tits are huge, her cheeks are flush, and her curves are very accentuated. From the moment you see the prologue, visual cues indicate a change in the main character that sets up this adventure.

This game has everything. It has breast expansion, lactation, pregnancy, birthing, and so much more! Every action is illustrated in a detailed manner that truly conveys what is happening. The stomach bulge from big dick has a different CG from pregnancy.

Outfits can be mixed and matched to create a completely unique look for your hero. Your character sprite changes alongside the outfit, and NPCs will spout different dialogue depending on how much skin Rain is showing.

Some players have complained that the dungeons are too large and confusing. That’s mainly due to the high enemy encounter rate. Using repel items to avoid enemies, you’ll actually see that the dungeons are small and easy to manage.


Rain’s Rave has no voice acting.

Sound effects are from the RPG Maker library. You got the fire sound, a punching noise, everything you’ve heard a hundred times before, if you’re an avid hentai gamer. The audio is underwhelming. A dragon’s lightning breath makes the same sound as your own magic.


There are 25 songs in this game, almost all of which are stock assets from the RPG Maker Library.

Some of these tracks are painfully boring. “Dungeon Track Four” and other digitally synthesized garbage makes you want to mute the game. Other tracks, like the one that plays in the Mountain area, are great! That song has only a flute carrying the tune, conveying a bouncy feeling that perfectly fits a lush mountain terrace. In other words, the tracks are hit or miss, but generally good.


There are 17 base CGs and 8 cut-in images, with thousands of variations. The developer reuses recolored art assets multiple times for various scenes. Outside of visual variations, Rain’s level of experience and corruption will also change her dialogue during scenes from fear to pure pleasure.

All sex in this game is with tentacle and bug monsters. There is no human sex because the human men are all gone. The game is focused on clothing swaps and impregnation. From anal to vaginal with everything in between, you watch Rain get violated in every hole!

This is not a corruption game. You will be fully corrupted by the second dungeon. The focus of this game is on hardcore scenes like womb parasites and vore. Do not expect animations or interesting sex dialogue. This monster only cares about impregnating you, nothing more! Even when you lay an egg, nothing is said about it and it has no real consequences.

My favorite scene was when Rain and her sister finally have a sexual encounter! It’s too bad the only human scenes were lesbian, but they were good! I hope this developer goes beyond slime sex and includes more human sex in his next game.


Rain’s Rave is a fun monster sex game and hidden gem in the hentai market. Tentacles and slimes are a niche fetish, but for people who love them, this game is fantastic! Tons of unique outfits and complex game mechanics are sure to keep you engaged and striving to see all the content. As the first game from an indie developer, I am very impressed and recommend you try this title.

I endorse this game to fans of monster sex hentai. Download Rain’s Rave. And if you’d rather want to see werewolves and spiders fucking women, check out our review of Jumble Jokers!

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