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Life Failed, What Now? Imagine IRL Was an RPG

by OtakuApologist

Written by Otaku Apologist

Somehow, your sad journey through life led you here, into reading this mediocre self-help article on a porn site. You should rather read my review on a much better self-help website, but if you insist on reading my musings, then keep on rolling.

Luckily for you, I have the financial incentive to give you false hope that your miserable dead-end life will get any better. And if you don’t resonate with the advise, you can jerk off to the porn, which is the same fucking thing.

That’s what self-help media is. At its worst, it’s just emotional porn. And if you begin to rely on that shit, you won’t get anywhere. You’ll read book after book and not even step out the door.

Successful writers in that industry have developed a whiff of what their audience wants to hear, they craft their messaging to feel appealing, to make a paycheck. Even the established, once honest writers can start peddling feel-good bullshit, because it pays out. Vampire-like parasitism can happen in any industry where people need help.

If you’re the incel type, you need to stop what you’re doing, go out and fuck somebody. Try Tinder and go Gold. Run an internet search on hookup sites, and just call some sluts. Don’t make it an ego-thing if money is involved. Just go fuck. Yes, the depression kicks in quickly after, because your life still sucks, but at least you took a step forward. And that’s the point.

Think. What motivates you to play a game for hours without end? It’s when you feel like you’re progressing. When things are getting easier the more effort you put in.

Spending days and nights indoors watching videos and playing games is a vicious feedback loop. You’re just jacking off to stave off the urge to kill yourself. Breaking out of this feedback loop, to stop relying on drugs or media or some overpaid therapist for relief, that goal should constantly be on your mind.

Small successes are the key. Little steps forward that make you feel in control. Those encourage you to take the next step and the next step, like starting a new playthrough in an RPG. You know how the classic RPG difficulty ladder feels. It makes you want to play more and more, because you get stronger and stronger.

You start the average RPG strong enough to kill monsters in 1-2 shots, and as you progress deeper, the monsters become tougher and start taking several hits, the traps get more deadly, you hit a wall. You can approach life in a similar fashion as overcoming an RPG difficulty spike: You orient yourself to grind the hours, seek information and allies and new solutions. Gradually you get equipped to deal with the spike, and soon you’re cutting down everything in two hits again.

To keep your life a motivating experience, you should keep challenging yourself. The difficulty level should ramp up gradually. Raise the bar for yourself little by little, and start taking bigger risks once you feel confident that you can laugh off humiliating situations. This is the gist of exposure therapy.

Winning is about consistency and breaking things down into little steps. Like, reading a whole book will feel daunting, but forcing yourself to read just one page can lead to a whole book being read. Make it a rule that if you read the first sentence of the next page, you have to read the full page. Before you know it, you’ll be spending hours consumed by reading.

You cannot wait on a big turn-around event. Instead, take daily baby steps in one direction. Those build up your confidence. When you feel confident, you might work more hours, socialize more than usual, drink less, exercise more. You can begin to feel comfortable with exposing yourself to rejection. Sooner or later, you may even have a regular pussy to cum in.

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