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Action RPG Review: Magic & Slash – Riru’s Sexy Grand Adventure

by Rastafoo69

Written by Rastafoo69, edited by Otaku Apologist

Riru’s Sexy Grand Adventure, an action RPG developed by LunaSoft. Released May 25, 2018. Download on MangaGamer for $20.00. For PC Windows. Full voice acting. Uncensored genitals. English localization occurred in January of 2020.

Riru is a young adventurer who hopes to fix the problem with the world ley-lines. But when horny monsters and sex magic are suddenly involved, the bad guys won’t be the only ones taking a pounding!

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An evil wizard is sucking power out of the world ley-lines. Riru discovers this and stops him. There’s stuff about a group of dark casters that died out, but that’s mostly lore and backstory. The primary plot is very basic.

The entire game is centered around the cast of characters in Cain Village. The protagonist is a timid girl who’s learning to believe in herself. Her teacher is a veteran warrior and big sister to the group. And they’re helped by an emotionless alchemist character who lives in the basement. As you can probably tell, none of these characters are very deep.

The main romance of the game is between Riru and the innkeeper named Luis. Riru needs semen to activate magic “embryos” and conjure magic “familiars”. So she gives Luis a blowjob, then a titfuck, and eventually they become lovers. It’s a very shallow romance, because she’s basically just using the man. There are no choices or plot twists, this is a classic action RPG experience.


Riru’s Sexy Grand Adventure was created with the Unity game engine. The game is operated entirely by mouse clicks. This has both benefits and drawbacks. The benefit is that the mouse functionality is paired with fantastic path-finding, making for easy travel across the world. The drawback is that left click is used for both attacks and movements, which often makes running from battle impossible.

As an action RPG, combat takes place in real time. If you forget to attack the enemy, you’ll stand completely still and be killed. There are no pauses during a fight, this game is high tension and high stakes!

As the title suggests, Riru has two character classes. The magic class has low defense but long range while the warrior class has high defense but short range. Each class levels up separately from the other, and has advantages or disadvantages depending on the area. For example, playing a mage in a cramped cave is a horrible idea, because you won’t have the defense points to survive when cornered.

Here are the positive aspects of the game. Skill trees allow for a truly unique character build. The stat menu and in-game achievements track enemies defeated and distance traveled, making for a fun way to mark your progress. Items have durability levels and enchantments that encourage you to switch weapons and experiment regularly. This keeps the game fresh!

The game is not perfect at all. It’s ten hours of level grinding at minimum, with few NPCs to talk to, and many unskippable conversations. Even during New Game Plus, you cannot skip cutscenes. After hours of level grinding you’ll begin to wonder why you’re doing this, what’s your motivation? Without fun things to do in town, your gold just piles up to an absurd number.

What keeps this game from greatness is the lack of sex stats and sexual activities. Most games allow you to goof off in town in between dungeons, but this game does not. You either lose in battle or have sex with the innkeeper, otherwise this game has no hentai.


The art is drawn in the classic Japanese anime style. The vast majority of artworks are focused on the protagonist of the story, Riru.

The lead girl has big blue eyes, a blushing face, perfectly round tits, and a super expressive face. She’s a total cutie pie! Her long hair tied up in ribbons is so girly, I loved it! My only complaint is that the other girls get so few scenes.

The game was created in the Unity engine, but runs smooth as silk. From the moment you start the game you’re greeted with a glossy main menu, matched with a perfect interface. Just a random click alone causes sparkles to fly! From the first impression to the final boss, this game is visual perfection.

All character sprites are fully animated and completely unique to this developer. Rather than generic RPG Maker characters, this game has gorgeous custom made artworks to match both CGs and pixel images.

Unlike RPG Maker MV with its terrible pathfinding, the Unity engine allows for smart tracking of character movement. You can click a higher floor in the house, and your character will automatically find the stairs and scale them.

Riru has multiple outfits available in her wardrobe. And when you’re out exploring, the map is black and foggy until you discover that location. Filling up the map with detailed information on the sights was an absolute joy to experience.

However, the game as a whole has some problems. The home town is super small, making the world feel like mostly dungeons. You hear in dialogue about the capital city and traveling merchants, but you never see either. Worse, certain areas like the orc cave are brown and gray, making for a visually bland experience.

There are 33 scenes. Technically there are 66, but the only change is a different outfit. The developer should have spent less time duplicating scenes, and more time adding scenarios for the girls besides Riru. Tanya’s scene for example has artwork that looks like it needs some polish. Her tits blend together like cleavage doesn’t exist. Its both strange and disappointing.


Riru’s Sexy Grand Adventure has full voice acting for all female characters. Their performances are downright fantastic! When a character is in another room, you actually hear their room echo a bit. When a character has cock in their mouth, their voice is muffled. When a character is drunk, you can hear their words slur. The level of detail in this game is remarkable!

Each character has their own speaking patterns. Tanya is the big sister of the group, so she always talks in a confident but doting manner. Riru is always unsure of herself, so she often trails off mid-sentence. Each manner of speaking perfectly conveys the personality of the characters and their bond.

While other games have full moaning during sex acts, this game does not. When Riru says “Please give me more” or “Please stop that”, she fully says each word. She’s panting and lustful and it all feels so real! Even when she says classic phrases like “yamate”, she uses the phrases in sentences without exaggerating her delivery. She really felt like a real-life Japanese babe!

The sound effects were also very impressive. Like when Tanya put her little brother in a headlock, you could actually hear it happening and her brother getting his head held tight. Sex sound effects do not include thrusting and insertion, instead Riru comments on these things directly. While the sound effect for ejaculation fit perfectly, the sound for Riru masturbating was like a fat kid drowning in a pool.


There are a handful of tracks that dominate the game. The main menu track is a violin and flute coming together into a semi-orchestra creating a medieval feeling to the game. The dungeon music and defeat-sex music are similar but different. While violin is still prominent, guitar strums were primary while the violin became secondary. The same instruments are used, but different ones are being emphasized. This keeps the tone and style of music similar, at the cost of some repetition.

Some generic stock tracks are used in the background occasionally. Overall the music of the game is very enjoyable, but needed something more. There’s not a single track that seriously impressed me, they were all “pretty good”.


Riru’s Sexy Grand Adventure has 33 base scenes. The game is advertised as having more, but that’s just outfit variations.

There are three types of scenes. Riru fucks the innkeeper, Riru fucks a monster, and other people at the inn fuck the innkeeper. You’ll realize this pattern early on, which kills any sense of surprise behind the sex scenes.

All monster sex scenes require a game-over, but they can be unlocked by beating the game at least once. All monster scenes feature Riru, since she’s the protagonist of the game. Sex positions range from doggystyle to standing sex. Although Riru is supposedly in love with the innkeeper, they rarely kiss.

The erotic dialogue in this game is just plain silly. Here’s a direct quote, “her pussy was like an intricate labyrinth”. That didn’t turn me on at all! Just like the story, the sex scenes in this game are pretty basic. The girls are hot but the sex is generic.


Riru’s Sexy Grand Adventure is a gorgeous action RPG with smooth gameplay and fantastic voice acting. The scenes are vanilla content, no crazy fetishes or surprises. I still found it refreshing to play a powerful busty female warrior who uses magic and swords. While far from perfect, it’s a fun and titillating escapist experience and deserves high scores from us.

I recommend this game to fans of action RPG titles. Download Riru’s Sexy Grand Adventure. If you loved this game but want a retro aesthetic, then check out our review of Breath of Fire and Iron.

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i let a little tip if somone want play at this game : in the village, you can see a scarecrow and can kill it (directly at the begin stay complicate xD ) but you can have a sympathic reward and an achievement ^^


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