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Lewdly Corrupted Heroine Karen, a corruption hentai game developed by Ressentiment. Released July 30, 2021. Download on DLSite for $19.00. For Windows PC. No voice acting. Censored genitals.

Karen was a level 99 warrior of light, but she still failed to defeat the demon lord! Desperate to get stronger, she visited the genius girl Eris, who suggested a different path. Reach level 99 in corruption, master both light and dark, and finally overcome the demon lord with your sheer fucking power!

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To reach maximum corruption level, Karen needs to defeat countless monsters and bandits to gain experience. Alternatively, she can suck dick and become a total whore instead! Every whorish act will give her tons of experience points and she’ll be a walking tank in no time!

The problem is the pacing. The game starts with two mandatory losses where Karen gets her clit and pussy toyed with. You don’t get any freedom until over an hour into the game. Even when you do, it’s limited because you can only view one sex scene per in-game day. Because all scenes give the same amount of experience points, you have no reason to seek out new ones besides curiosity.

The characters are bland. Karen is the good-girl-going-bad. Eris is the slutty friend encouraging her. Collette is the petite nun that gets deflowered in the background. Theo fills the role of childhood friend.

Conversations go on for ten minutes at a time and it’s boring. You can honestly skip all the dialogue and nothing would change because the story has no connection to gameplay. These long conversations also apply to sex scenes. Where other games will fade to black, this game goes on with ten more creampies and orgasms until you’re thinking “I want to play the game, not read it”.

A virgin playthrough takes three hours. After beating the game, players can choose to unlock the gallery images or not. There are three endings to the game. The normal ending is a virgin clear, the bad ending is being defeated by the demon lord and the true ending involves Karen becoming a public cum dumpster for men. Although the game advertises itself as having multiple endings, they’re not very impressive.

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Lewdly Corrupted Heroine Karen was created in RPG Maker MV. There are three difficulty modes ranging from normal to “very easy”. I found normal mode very easy, so I can’t imagine how short this is on the other difficulties.

Move with the arrow keys. Press W to move diagonally. Tap A for auto-target. The gameplay mimics a basic “mystery dungeon” title. Find items in the dungeon to help you on your way, equip better items to strengthen your character, and take on hoards of enemies at a time.

The core gameplay loop is very simple. In the daytime, go kill monsters in the dungeons. In the night-time, talk to someone with a heart on their head and view a sex scene for free experience points. On a virgin playthrough, just flash your pussy for free experience.

A common criticism in the adult gaming community is that many of the scenes are locked behind losing in battle. So if you’re playing for the hentai, you’ll be repeatedly killing yourself to unlock CGs. The fact you can only get one CG for every in-game day makes it a very slow experience.

Leveling up from acting lewd makes your power feel less earned. If you’re struggling, just suck a dick and you’ll overpower the boss. After the first dungeon you’ll unlock skill points, but they’re only sparingly used and usually underwhelming.

While it’s possible to get pregnant, it’s unlikely unless you’re actively trying to. You have to get cum inside like ten times before pregnancy becomes likely. Of course, you could also simply lose to a monster three times. This is frankly repetitive though, and I wish you could seduce the monsters like in Vitamin Quest.

Impregnation isn’t very impactful since the babies have no real effect on the experience. Sex should be a nice distraction from the RPG level grind, but instead it’s a mixed bag. More often I only do it to gather semen, which is used to upgrade your equipment load-out.

The game is surprisingly basic. Three hours of a mystery dungeon game is nice, but ultimately forgettable when other games are doing more innovative things.


The illustrations of this game are in the style of other Ressentiment games. Rigid body movements, basic panning animations, dead lifeless eyes, and a general lack of creative posing. Animated sex is nice, but not so much when the actual art suffers from it.

Although Karen is well drawn, she’s not exactly sexy. Her butt is shown to be an average size, her tits are drawn pretty generic, and her hair is drawn with sharp lines rather than natural curves. She looks more like a barbie doll than a human woman. The side characters are no better. Eris and Collette have cute standing art, but they look totally unnatural during sex scenes. It’s a big disappointment.

While the x-ray view of cock in pussy is nice, the same animation image is used in every single scene! Instead of being special, it gets boring as hell! The same applies to the setting. The visuals are fresh and charming, but the town is so small and basic, it feels like the developer half-assed it! This is the legendary city of sin, “Soddom”, but it feels like a tiny village!

This game definitely needed some polish. During battle you can cast a confusion spell on inanimate objects like barrels, but that’s nothing compared to the massive disappointment of the final battle. All game long you’re told to balance the power of light and dark to unlock a new class, but when you finally do, your outfit doesn’t even change! You just stay in your dark attribute outfit! That is lame, anti-climactic, and a humongous letdown.

There are 48 base CGs. The vast majority focus on Karen, with a few scenes covering Eris and Collette’s lewd encounters. Karen has a handful of unique outfits including pajamas, lingerie, and a schoolgirl uniform. All scenes can be reviewed on the main menu. Each save file comes with an image journal to track and review Karen’s sexual encounters. If you only have sex with Theo, it will be filled with pictures of him. If you only have sex with goblins, the image journal will be full of goblins.


Lewdly Corrupted Heroine Karen has no voice acting.

The sound effects are limited by the lack of creative scenarios. Karen can attack with a sword, but no magic. She can get fucked in the pussy, but rarely anywhere else. She can open doors, but there’s rarely action in town. Some sound effects simply got on my nerves. That thrusting sound effect that plays in every single fucking scene makes me want to mute the game! The complete lack of variety is a problem.


The soundtrack includes 38 songs of both licensed and stock library origins. The title music is fresh and enjoyable, but misleading. The piano keys building in pitch create an adventurous feeling, even though most of the game takes place in a single town. A later track mixes guitar and bongos to create a solid sense of rhythm, but again, the game itself lets this soundtrack down. I wish there was a dramatic emotional moment, so I could get attached to these songs, but instead it’s all background noise.


Lewdly Corrupted Heroine Karen features 48 base CGs. Although this is ostensibly a corruption title, players can have vaginal sex almost immediately. This ruins any sense of tension or buildup. If you want a good satisfying fap, you’ll have to avoid certain scenes and seek out the slow-burn scenarios.

For example, the most unique scene in this game is when you get a lesbian femdom mistress. She dominates and spanks Karen into submission. Then, if you keep going back to her, she’ll deflower Karen with strap-on dildo lesbian sex! You thought it would be a man to take your virginity, but your femdom mistress took it instead! And then, if you keep going back to her, you’ll lose a sort of second virginity. Your first time was with a dildo, but now your mistress will bend you over a table and choose a complete stranger to cum inside you! You’re getting fucked by a man you’ve never met before, all because your femdom mistress demands it! You are her slave, and your body belongs to her!

Another great scenario was losing your virginity to goblins. Karen says “I protected my innocence for 18 years and now, my first partner, is this goblin?!”. It’s super hot watching him fuck her, and because goblin fertility is so high, a newborn goblin only takes 2 days of pregnancy! Karen was sent here to kill the goblins, but she became a breeder for even more greenskins!

Although birthing scenes are skippable, I never did, because they aren’t very graphic. Only the top of the head is shown during birth. The screen goes black before the baby goblins are actually born, so you never get to see her pussy being stretched. If you have a birthing fetish, this game will be a disappointment.

The DLSite page emphasizes that you choose how corrupt Karen and the others become, but that’s not true. Collette and Eris get fucked regardless of your actions. The only thing your involvement does is make things even more spicy. Like when Collette is loaned out to other men, and ends up creampied by tons of strangers! While the scenario was hot, I wish there was an option to keep her a virgin. That way, it would be the player’s choice to make her a whore.


Lewdly Corrupted Heroine Karen is a classic mystery dungeon title. The animations are nice, the music is enjoyable, and the sex scenes are often very hot. But the flaws of this game are notable, like the bare-bones story and repetitive sound effects keep it from becoming a truly great experience.

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