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Yotogimichi Countryside Summer Break with Tapioca-chan, a hentai game developed by BouSoft. Released October 18, 2020. Download on DLSite for $20.00. For PC Windows. Full voice acting. Censored genitals.

It’s summer break! The perfect time to bond with your beloved Tapioca-chan! Will she love you back? How far will she let you go?


Your beloved waifu is nicknamed Tapioca-chan, because she loves Tapioca! She’s a bright and docile girl, who isn’t easily seduced. Every day of summer, her only wish is to spend time with you!

Talk to her, buy her food, get her some new hair-pins, and build a loving relationship. You kiss and touch her little by little, day by day, until she accepts your confession of love. Once she does, you’re officially dating! Make out, make love, and make lots of money doing odd jobs around town.

Although the game lacks an overall story, the events and dialogue are realistically written. Numerous choices throughout the game change the dialogue, and you can see her opinion of you rise with different phrasings. While at first she’ll say “I had a lot of fun with you today”, by the end of the game she’ll be showering you with love confessions.


Yotogimichi was created with the Unity game engine. You use your mouse for almost all game functions. The exception is during sex scenes. Hold the spacebar to open the action menu.

There are three basic actions to enjoy. First, you can work to earn money. Your payment is dependent on your stats. This money is spent on food and clothing for Tapioca-chan.

Second, you can have sex with Tapioca-chan. In the beginning you can only get a handjob or grope her tits, but later on you’ll unlock more wild actions. Since she’s a virgin, you have to train her ass and pussy by inserting objects or fingering her.

Third, you can raise stats and do other miscellaneous actions. Stats are raised through donations at the mountain shrine. You can also test your skills at the arcade and visit the bathhouse to wash off. As you progress, more regions are available for exploration.

The start of this game is incredibly slow. The game doesn’t explain your four stats and what they affect, so you have to learn things on your own. I got Tapioca to become my girlfriend on day 32, with all of my stats above 150.

Stamina influences how long you can work. Dexterity affects the pleasure you give with hands. Sensitivity and sex appeal seem necessary for the love confession but it’s unclear exactly how they impact gameplay.


The art is drawn in the classic Japanese anime style iconic to BouSoft. She’s got thick eyelashes, pink lips, blushing cheeks, absolutely massive jugs and a stray hair at the top of her big head.

You might recognize the character from a previous title by this developer called “Night Road”. It’s just the character design though, the setting and writing are completely different.

This game was made with a combination of 3D graphics and a program called Live2D. Notice how her eyes follow the mouse cursor and she dynamically reacts to your every touch. Only the Unity game engine could handle this visual feat, and it worked gorgeously!

However, the visuals do have some hiccups. Sometimes Tapioca-chan has a clear and thick outline, often making parts of the screen black and empty. The visuals work best during conversations, but especially when you fuck her from behind, there can be animation errors.

Everything in this game is fully animated, and perhaps that’s why the developer didn’t dare experiment with crazy positions. It’s front or back, no prone bone, no mating press, or any other exceedingly lewd positions.


Yotogimichi has full voice acting for Tapioca-chan. The voice actress is Phan Masaki, a talented actress from games such as Leane of Legitimate Crown and Prison Fantasia. If you liked either of those games, you’ll love this one!

In this performance, Masaki has a more docile tone of voice, saying shorter lines to match the blushing Tapioca-chan. My favorite moments are when she mumbles “hentai baka” and smiles at you. It’s both heartwarming and lewd.

Sound effects are varied from kisses to spankings! Early in the game when you’re slowly corrupting Tapioca-chan, there’s a harp sound effect whenever she relents to your advances. To hear those light strings as she offers to do a handjob, it was both fitting and a great payoff. I was always looking forward to the next impactful soundbyte.


Yotogimichi has no music. Atmsopheric sound effects are used instead, but I muted them. The crickets were driving me mad.


Yotogimichi does not have individual scenes. Rather, you enter into “H-mode” and choose your actions through mouse movements.

If you use your hand, you can grope and pinch and finger however you want. If you use your mouth, you can kiss and nibble and devour her flower. If you use your penis, you can titfuck or get an assjob.

You can choose how you want Tapioca to pose. Face towards you, face away? Sitting down or laying down? Clothing on or clothing off? You can even customize her bra and panties assuming you purchased her some.

Make sure you both eat and have high energy for a good fucking. If you try to fuck her every day, you’ll be releasing less semen over time. Go to work and make some money, let your body recharge a bit!

In my view, this is the ideal sex sim. This is what peak performance looks like.


Yotogimichi is a fully animated hentai gaming experience. The voice acting is spectacular, and the player freedom in sex scenes is completely unmatched. If you’ve been craving for a game with true sexual freedom, this is the ultimate ride for you.

I recommend this game to fans of simulation hentai everywhere. Download Yotogimichi. If you liked this game but want a story and drama focus, check out our review of One Room Runaway Girl.

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